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Sitges JAZZ Festival from April 20th to April 23th

Sitges JAZZ Festival from April 20th to April 23th


Photo gallery Jazz Antic Sitges 2017  

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Musicians, singers, dancers and, this year, also books and roses, will once again fill the streets of Sitges with jazz in this new edition of the Festival Jazz Antic Sitges. For the fifth year in a row, the festival is back in our town to turn it into a great stage and delight all, young and old, with the sound of good music.

During four days, Sitges will be the place to enjoy, firsthand, the best jazz manouche, dixieland and swing, consolidating this festival in the national jazz scene and making it an unmissable event for all live music lovers.

If any two things define our Festival, it has to be improvisation and great musicians; the result of which is a unique event with its own distinctive mark. JAS offers the possibility of attending live performances in evocative settings which are representative of our town, and listening, too, to many of our local musicians.

This year, the Festival takes a step forward in order to reach all audiences. With this aim, the program includes activities designed specifically for children. Roger Canals' Theater Company presents “Viatjazz a Nova Orleans”: an invitation for boys and girls to travel to New Orleans through its music and graffitti street art. The youngest audiences will be transported by music and awakened to its universal emotions weaving together, as Roger Canals puts it “a fantastic dialogue with street art”.

Let's welcome these days of MUSIC and ART and enjoy our Jazz Antic Sitges.

Rosa Tubau i Llorià
Regidora de Cultura, Tradicions i Festes 



Early 1917. The Original Dixieland Jazz Band made the first recording of a new style of music coming from New Orleans. “Livery Stable Blues” made its way into American homes and, soon after, the sound of jazz would reach all the world.

A hundred years have passed since then, and jazz is still very much alive. It has evolved. It has blended with other styles. But, above all, its freedom of spirit has remained untouched.

Jazz Antic Sitges celebrates its fifth edition. Maybe five years do not seem like much in comparison to the hundred years of “Livery Stable Blues”; however, they are enough to consolidate the festival in the Sitges event's calendar. They are enough to make musicians and traditional jazz followers look forward to it. And five years are also enough time to see how students, who in the early editions were part of the school audiences, are now playing the tuba or the clarinet alongside internationally famed musicians.

Once again, Sitges celebrates traditional jazz with a thrilling program that brings together renowned musicians and young talents. There will be concerts, dance... and of course, the possibility to travel back in time to the 1920's New Orleans or to the 1930's Paris.

Want to join us?

Joan Pinós Sariol
JAS Festival Artistic Director (2013-17)



Time: 11.30am
Place: Perbacco-Atelier Blanca de Nicolás-La cuina de la formatgeria

Discover the Jazz Antic Sitges 2017 program and enjoy an aperitif while listening to live music.

Route: Carretera de Vilanova (Atelier Blanca de Nicolás), Sant Josep, Sant Gaudenci (Perbacco), Jesús, Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Sant Pere (La cuina de la formatgeria) 


One of the purposes of JAS is to bring young audiences close to traditional jazz and encourage them to learn more about it. For this reason, the schools in Sitges will be quite busy on Thursday morning learning about the origins of jazz.

Thursday will be dedicated to jazz manouche, in collaboration with Festival Django L'Hospitalet, the first and only festival in Spain dedicated entirely to jazz manouche and, in particular, to the figure of Django Reinhardt.

This year four bands are visiting us, and so is Noé Reinhardt.

The Origins of Jazz
Place: El Retiro. Theatre
Entrance: schools only.

Jazz was a musical reality in the 20's... but, what about before? What was so special about New Orleans to make it become the cradle of this new musical language?

The Origins of Jazz is a concert in which you will discover how different musical elements from different cultures came together and blended to create this “gumbo” of sounds in the Mississipi river delta.

Jazz brought rhythm to the streets of New Orleans and soon after to all the world!ww.audicions.com

Time: 6.30pm
Place: El Retiro. Function Hall.
Entrance: free
Swingeneris is a group from EMMCA (Hospitalet de Llobregat music school). Its musicians come from different parts of the world but they all have one thing in common: their passion for Django Reinhardt. His musical style has given them the chance to find a space in which to evolve as musicians while exploring its world of sound.

Violin: Jesús González Isabel Vila
Guitar and voice: Eduard Mansergas Guillaume Chambellan
Guitar: Andreas Neven Camil Arcarazo
Bass: David González

Òscar Font presents“Humour, Music, Musicians”
Time: 8.30pm
Place: El Retiro. Function Hall.
Entrance: free

Òscar Font has participated in several editions of the Festival as a trombonist. This year we will discover a whole new side of his multifaceted personality.
He will give a talk about humour in music, a field he has explored in the book Anecdotari musical català.

Time: 7.30pm
Place: Plaça de l'Ajuntament

Diorama is a group of musicians formed in Hospitalet. Their musical repertoire takes us from the early jazz of New Orleans till the jazz manouche of Paris in the first half of the 20th century.

Trombone and clarinet: Eva Garin
Sax and clarinet: Ariadna Just
Guitar and banjo: Josep Lluis Lázaro
Guitar: Pepe Cerón Antonino López
Piano: German Bes
Bass: Richard Manzano
Voice and percussion: Jesús Portella

Time: 8.30pm
Place: La Guineu

Acoustic Guiri combines the characteristic lineup of jazz manouche with a warm voice and a touch of Blues and Soul. The musicians eclecticism translates into a wide repertoire that blends all these influences together.
Voice: Julie Hamar
Violin: Fanny Abela
Guitar: Pierre-Arnaud Bourhis, Francisco Asensio
Bass: François Georges

Time: 10.00pm
Place: Palau del Rei Moro
Entrance: free

Alberto Bello has become one of the most renowned performers of jazz manouche in our country. Accompanied by the saxophone of Pol Prats and the expertise of Claudi Làzaro at the guitar and Joan Motera at the bass, on this occasion we will have the privilege of hearing him perform with one of the great figures of jazz manouche of our time: Noé Reinhardt. Born into a manouche family and into the music of his grandfather, Django Reinhardt, Noé is a consummate guitarist, who deftly combines tradition with the more modern language of jazz. An explosive ensemble which is sure to delight all music lovers!
Soloist guitar: Noé Reinhardt, Alberto Bello
Sax: Pol Prats
Guitar: Claudi Làzaro
Bass: Joan Motera


Time: 11.30pm
Place: Palau del Rei Moro
Entrance: free

Right after Noé Reinhardt's & Alberto Bello Quartet's concert, the palau will become the meeting place for all the artists who have participated in the day's events.

You are all invited!


Friday is the day for Dixieland! Leroy Jones's performance will make us savor the legacy of the best New Orleans jazz.

Time: 8.30pm
Place: Janio´s Bar

Pepe Robles has played a big part in the perpetuation and promotion of jazz in our country.
You can often find him playing in the streets of Barcelona, with Mikha Ulyanovskiy's piano and Mikha Violin's voice and banjo.

Trumpet: Pepe Robles
Banjo: Mikha Violin
Piano: Mikha Ulyanovskiy

Time: 8.30pm
Place: La Formatgeria

The members of this band from Tarragona want to make jazz, with its many forms, an everyday music for all.

For this festival they have prepared a program of traditional dixieland sprinkled with a bit of swing and jazz manouche.

Drums: Miquel Prat “Miqueló”
Tuba: José Gómez Martos “Viki”
Guitar: José Luis Lete
Sax: José Gómez Rodríguez “Moluco”

Time: 9.30pm
Place: Saló d'Or, Palau Maricel
Entrance: 10€ (limited capacity)

Leroy Jones is a trumpeter from New Orleans, heir to the musical legacy of his hometown, home, too, to such figures as Louis Armstrong, Buddy Bolden and Danny Barker. He has regularly performed with the big band of Harry Connick, Jr., Dr. John and Preservation Hall Jazz Band. You might also know him for his many collaborations with La Vella Dixieland.
You can always listen to one of the albums of the Leroy Jones Quintet, but being able to hear him live, in Sitges, is a unique experience. A musician from the New Orleans Hall of Fame is visiting us, you can't miss it!

Trumpet: Leroy Jones
Clarinet: Juli Aymí
Trombone: Dani Alonso
Piano: Gerard Nieto
Bass: Queralt Camps
Drums: Martí Elies

Time: 11.00pm
Place: Montroig Café

After the sextet's concert in the Saló d'Or of the Palau Maricel, a jam session with the musicians who have participated in the day's events will begin in Montroig Café.

Feel free to drop by!


New Orleans Jazz fills Sitges with its music!

Time: 12.00pm
Place: Gardens of the Hotel Medium Romàntic

You can often find Ramon, Arnau and Haizea [Ai'sea] playing at jazz venues and parties in Terrassa. Sometimes, Josep Mª Farràs joins them...
Josep Mª Farràs runs “Casa Farràs”, a music shop in the very center of Terrassa, however, he is better known for being one of the best trumpeters in Catalunya.
Trumpet: Josep Mª Farràs
Sax: Haizea Martiatu
Banjo: Arnau Gil
Bass: Ramon Grimalt


Time: 6.30pm
Place: streets in town

The parade will fill the streets of Sitges with music, with the collaboration of Teatre del Retiro and musicians from the Catalan and international jazz scene. The musicians will set of at 6.30 from the Plaça de l'Ajuntament and parade through the streets stopping at different establishments where concerts will be held. On their arrival to each venue, some musicians will be chosen to stay; this way, each band will be unique and unprecedented!

Route: Plaça de l'Ajuntament, Major, Nou Passeig de la Ribera, Bonaire, Joan Tarrida, Plaça Indústria, Marqués de Montroig, Parellades, Cap de la Vila, Major.
Trumpets: Leroy Jones, John Shillito, Pepe Robles, Alexei Baitchouk
Trombones: Bobby Fox, Dani Alonso, Oscar Font, Pablo Martín
Tubas: David Parras, Ramon Grimalt, Toni Chisvert, Joan Pinós
Clarinets: John Wurr, Haizea Martiatu, Joan Trabal, Oriol Romaní
Banjos: Ricky Ariza, Enric Caballé, Mikha Violin, Arnau Gil
Percussion: Martí Elies, Pinyu Martí, Santi Cholbi, David Forns


Places: Montroig Café, Café Bar Roy, Pizzeria Cap de la Vila, La Granja (C/Major)
Time: 9.00pm
Entrance: free

Our parade will stop by these establishments and, in each restaurant, some musicians will be chosen to stay. A unique chance to watch improvised and unprecedented bands play. They will, no doubt, have some pleasant surprises in stock for us!


Time: 10pm
Place: Montroig Café
Entrance: free

The jazz concert in Montroig Café will start off with a few musicians but will end bringing together all the musicians who have participated in the day's events.


Time: 10.45am
Place: La Fragata
Entrance: free

“Viatjazz a Nova Orleans” is more than just a Dixieland concert. It transports us to an exuberant and vibrant New Orleans and, at the same time, encourages the audience to experience graffiti art. This interactive experience reflects on the universal emotions awakened by music weaving together a fantastic dialogue with street art. Spray paint brightens up music from the black-and-white era!

Presentation of the band's first album!

Time: 12.00pm
Place: La Fragata
Entrance: free

John Shillito, John Wurr and Bobby Fox lived the 50's and 60's revival of Dixieland in Europe, more specifically, in England. They played in several first-rate bands in London and, years later, got back together in Devon. They have been playing together for the past twenty years and, this year, they are doing so in our festival with the accompaniment of Retrio's rhythm. A multi-generational gathering of musicians that will show us what classic jazz is all about.

Trumpet: John Shillito
Clarinet: John Wurr
Trombone: Bobby Fox
Piano: Oscar Ferret
Bass: Joan Pinós
Drums: Josep “Pinyu” Martí

Time: 1.15pm
Place: La Fragata
Entrance: free

With the purpose of discovering Swing and learning from the great big bands that have made a difference, such as Count Basie's or Duke Ellington's, Big Band Sitges was created in the summer of 2009.
Currently it is part of the program of “La caixa escènica”, Retiro's music school; the band is a regular performer in the Cava's hotspot. Its repertoire is packed with swing, with songs such as Tuxedo Junction, Moten Swing, Flight of the Foo Birds, Cute, On the Sunny Side of the Street... and some Latin and Funky, with songs such as The Chicken, Bridland or Sway.

Saxes: Miquel Ferret, Carol Gordon, Fernando González, Isabel Carranza, Ferran Gràcia
Trombones: Domingo García, Pere Camps, Daniel Nieto
Trumpets: David Evans, Oriol Pascual, Marc Marcet, Xavi Bernad
Piano: Victoria Carbó
Bass: Lucas Saied
Drums: Pau Giralt
Voice: Bibiana Gomis
Direction: Xavi Plaza

Time: 2.00pm
Place: Utopia Beach House
Entrance: free

The weekly meeting spot for the town's jazz musicians will serve as the perfect venue for the Festival's closing. An informal gathering open to all musicians who want to participate in this celebration of classic jazz.

Hope to see you there!