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La Reina Restaurant

La Reina Restaurant

La Reina Sitges

Address: c/ San Pedro 5 Sitges 

Phone: 632802654- 602324621

Business Hours: Monday to Sunday 12 noon to 12 night

la reina restaurant 

la reina sitges

La Reina Restaurant is located in Sitges center, its specialty is Venezuelan, Latin and international cuisine, authentic gluten-free food, very suitable for those who have lactose intolerance or celiac, homemade food of the day, and very healthy . 

La Reina invites you to walk the roads of Venezuelan gastronomy, with a world of flavors, colors and unforgettable aromas. Every dish in your kitchen carries with it a story, a hidden feeling. The roots of their ancestors, that magic touch of the Indians, that range of spices and flavors of the colony ... Venezuelan cuisine is an expression of color, the food is varied, mixed, full of color and flavor. 

At La Reina you can try our arepas, tequeños, salads, grills ... And after dinner or mid-afternoon, we can also prepare some cocktails with natural juices!




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