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Sitges 2013 reveals the final lineup for its 46th edition


Sitges 2013 reveals the final lineup for its 46th edition

Sitges 2013 reveals the final lineup for its 46th edition


The lineup for the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia is official. Sitges 2013 will be bringing together brand new international fantastic cinema hits with the attendance of cult filmmakers and a showcase for new film industries and emerging names and markets. Tickets for all screenings go on sale this Friday 27 September through the Telentrada service. This year the Festival recovers the theater Tramuntana, on the actual premises of the Hotel Meliá Sitges, where diverse activities and presentations will be offered side by side with films and TV series screenings in DVD and Blu-ray formats. And this year the screening map is also adding a new space: Sitges a la Fresca outdoor cinema, at the central park in Sitges ‘Hort de Can Falç’.

The eagerly awaited Sitges 2013 lineup can now be consulted at the Festival website, and it is a combination of disciplines and formats from facets of current fantastic cinema. Nine days of intense programming at four theaters, which will delight Sitges’ loyal fans and which will be presenting an extensive and varied 21st century movie options and proposals.

The well-stocked Official Fantàstic Selection includes a complete lineup that covers all the multiple options fantastic cinema has to offer: forty-two in competition films specializing in genre cinema, among which you’ll find the world premiere of the paranormal thriller Mindscape, Jorge Dorado’s debut feature film and the first production from Ombra, the company created by Jaume Collet-Serra. Also participating in competition are long awaited productions like the cannibalistic nightmareThe Green Inferno, by Eli Roth, who will be visiting Sitges to present it, or Machete Kills, the latest from Robert Rodríguez, that brings together Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Antonio Banderas. Vengeance fiction with a Freudian backdrop arrives in Festival with Only God Forgives, the new film from Nicolas Winding Refn, director of Drive, and the essential Jim Jarmusch brings Only Lovers Left Alive to Sitges, a vampire movie starring Tilda Swinton. 

The Official Fantàstic Selection will also present eagerly awaited animated films, like the latest from Hayao Miyazaki, The Wind Rises, or the new cinematic version from Akira Toriyama’s universe, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. The in competition Official Fantàstic Panorama Selection is headed by the production Chimères, by Olivier Beguin, that tells the story of the muddling of a couple’s relationship following the bizarre consequences of a blood transfusion. Contracted, by Eric England, also follows the brutal transformation of a girl’s body after a sexual experience in Los Angeles. The Canadian Antisocial, by Cody Calahan, shows the claustrophia of a group of young people who wind up secluded in a place that’s threatened by a monstrous epidemic, and who witness what happens with digitals devices like smartphones, while Xan Casavettes fantasizes with lady vampires in the sophisticated Kiss of the Damned, and The Machine, by Caradog W. James, presents a new dystopia where machines go against the imperative of helping humans. 

There are also novelties in the Midnight X-Treme section’s screenings, which will bring together the best independent American horror, with movies like An American Terror by Haylar Garcia, a production that refers to a mainstay in contemporary horror like Saw and that also drinks from the imaginary of all the massacres at American schools, or Savaged, by Michael S. Ojeda, a brutal rape revenge movie with Shamanic possessions threatening provincial America. 

The Official Noves Visions, that searches for innovative audiovisual and narrative proposals, will be including, in its Ficció category, Yellow, by Nick Cassavetes, the dreamlike portrait of a woman trapped in her fantasies, or The Dirties, by Matthew Johnson, a reflexive, irreverent film about the harshness of teenage life with the main characters’ camera as a story’s mediator. Also in Noves Visions, and in the part dedicated to promoting new creators, the Emergents subsection includes the filmFaraday, by Norberto Ramos del Val, a paranormal satire on Madrid’s city planning paid for through crowdfunding, The Lobito by Antonio Dyaz, fiction in the first person where the director himself is driven to use his first horror movie to save himself from bankruptcy, Algunas Chicas, by Santiago Palavecino, a fresh psychological thriller with neurotic characters, and Las aventuras de Jesús María Cristóbal Pequeño, another project that hybridizes comedy and science fiction financed through social patronage.

Noves Visions will be dedicated to Jafar Panahi, victim of Iran’s, his country’s censorship, and will be showing his latest work: Closed Curtain. Philippe Grandieux brings us White Epilepsy, while Randy Moore presents Escape from Tomorrow. Noves Visions will also include the six-handed work from Jean-Luc Godard, Peter Greenaway and Edgar Pêra: 3x3D, a co-direction by these filmmakers that reflects on 3D cinema.

Seven Chances –programmed in collaboration with the Catalan Association of Film Critics and Writers and the Catalonian Film Library– celebrates its 20th anniversary as a Festival section and does it in style: presenting seven essential films from Brian de Palma; Jean-Claude Brisseau; Joss Whedon; Valerio Zurlini; Pang Ho-cheung and co-directed works by Lucien Castaing- Taylor and Véréna Paravel; and James Franco and Travis Matthews.

The space for all ages, Sitges Family, discovers two three-dimensional productions: The Wizard of Oz 3D, a unique way of watching Victor Fleming’s 1939 classic; and Pororo: The Racing Adventure 3D, an animated film starring a penguin and seasoned with running turtles.

The most outstanding facets of national cinema will also be in Sitges with the screening of one of the most original films in recent times; Gente en Sitios, by Juan Cavestany, a singular collection of surprising scenes that make everyday experiences seem like they’re part of a Martian movie. On the occasion of this film’s screening, CASA BACARDÍ SITGES will offer and exclusive party midway through the Festival, with the attendance of the film crew and special Bacardí cocktails dedicated to the fantastic universe. 

In addition, Takashi Miike and Johnnie To are two of the filmmakers that will be honored at this year’s Festival. Miike will be presenting two of his latest productions, Lesson of Evil, and Shield of Straw, and other previous films of his will also be screened like Audition and Shinjuku Triad Society; and moreover, the Japanese filmmaker will be offering a master class. This director will be accompanied by the most eagerly awaited Japanese fantastic genre proposals. On the other hand, Johnnie To will be bringing two of his latest movies to the Festival, Drug War and the black comedy Blind Detective.

The Festival will open on October 11 with Grand Piano, by Eugenio Mira and starring Elijah Wood and John Cusack, one of the most international productions made by a Catalan, and close with The Sacrament, by Ti West, a film with a rarified atmosphere about a religious sect. There are still Matinee passes (for screenings at the Auditori until 15:00) and Auditori Passes, independent tickets for all four theaters (Auditori, Retiro, Prado and the brand new Tramuntana Room, where there will be screenings at popular prices, along with other free screenings and activities) will go on sale this Friday September 27ththrough the Telentrada service. Also added to these four theaters are the Escorxador (holding the Brigadoon section’s screenings) and the new Cinema a la Fresca outdoor cinema, at the Hort de Can Falç, that will present some genre classics. These last two spaces will be showing free films.