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Hostal Davallada Sitges Restaurant

Hostal Davallada

Hostal La Davallada

Address: Davallada 9 08870 SITGES  

Phone: +34  635 765 090 

Business Hours: From Tuesday to Sunday noon and Friday and Saturday nights

hostal davallada





hostal davallada

This charming property of Spanish colonial architecture, built in 1878 and included in the “Register of Historical Heritage” of our town, is located in one of the most beautiful and representative areas of the old town of Sitges. It has been recently restored and redecorated, fully respecting original features and even more, if possible, enhancing its natural beauty.
Having undergone complete renovation, this building now proposes luxury accommodation services in “Suite” style rooms only for adults, which, in their diversity, meet three common elements: elegance, exclusivity and comfort.
In our cafeteria you can organize all kinds of celebrations and events, friends, family, company, we are here to serve.
Your stay at Boutique Hotel Davallada 9 must be complete and nothing like our Café-Restaurant, a place where you can relax and enjoy a good snack, a drink, coffee or any of our delicacies.
A space to fill with energy in the morning with our breakfast and our lunch special menu to enjoy full Sitges.



hostal davallada
hostal davallada



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This restaurant has a daily menu from Tuesday to Friday with seasonal products at a price of € 13.75 (VAT included). On weekends the price is € 18.50 (VAT Included) and consists of 4 tapas to share and 1 second to choose, bread dessert and a drink included

Menus for Christmas celebrations for groups, companies, families etc. In Restaurant Davallada
Address: Davallada 9 08870 SITGES
Phone: +34 635 765 090

Menu 1

Pica pica:

Bravas, Sevillians, squid croquettes in their ink and marinera mussels

Seconds to choose

Longline hake
Lamb to bittersweet orange

Drinks and dessert included
Price 20 €

Menu 2

Pica pica:

Xato of sitges, bravas, knives, marinera mussels
Seconds to choose
Rice with langoustines, sirloin of gerona and fresh salmon with tartara sauce

Drinks and dessert included
Price 25 €

Menu 3

Pica pica

Goat cheese salad with citrus vinaigrette, bravas, razor blades and cockles and flambé prawns.

Seconds to choose

Suquet of monkfish, Sashimi of tuna with soy and wasabi, Magret of duck with red sauce red or sirloin of ternerea with caramelized onion and foie.

Drinks and dessert included
Price 30 €