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Creworking Sitges English

Creworking Sitges 

Creworking Sitges

Address: Pilar Franquet 22 08870 Sitges  

Phone: 93 709 83 48   

Business Hours:  from 9 to 18h

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CREWORKING is a physical workspace located in Sitges destined to be shared by different professionals based on the concept of CoWorking. In CoWorking spaces collaboration plays a fundamental role, it invites professionals from different branches to share the same space and where any doubt, advice or need that has a CoWorker can be solved in an easy and quick way by sharing your doubts with other CoWorkers .

CoWorking favors synergies among professionals, promotes productivity and ends the isolation of work that thousands of professionals from different sectors, freelancers, small businesses ...

At CREWORKING we offer a unique workspace, far from the standards of typical office furniture, offering a much more competitive infrastructure than we have working in a home or a single office. The CoWorkers will be able to have a meeting and meeting room where to receive their clients, a place where to separate work and personal life, with telephone assistance and reception to be able to serve all their clients even if they are not in the office.

CREWORKING is mainly aimed at Internet professionals, designers, programmers, architects, photographers, writers, journalists, etc ... and many more.

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